Monday, July 19, 2010

Orthotics can solve lower back pain

Back pain can be a reoccurring problem. It is a nuisance that often jeopardizes a person’s quality of life and can be debilitating. While many people may suffer from lower back pain, they may not realize that the cause of their pain may be directly related to their feet and how they walk. Using an Orthotics in your shoes can alleviate back and foot pain as well as prevent future injuries.

What is an Orthotic?
Orthotics are custom prosthetic fabricated foot device. They are devices that are worn under the heel and arch of the foot. Orthotics are used to correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns. They improve foot function and reduce excessive stress and strain on the foot as well as other areas of the body. Orthotics provide stability, correct body and joint alignment, and allow for optimal foot biomechanics throughout a person’s walking or running pattern.

How does an Orthotic help with back pain?
Chronic back pain is typically due to a musculoskeletal weakness or bone misalignment. These abnormalities lead to improper compensation of body, which causes excessive stress and strain on the body. Some chronic pain is the end result of improper biomechanics. Most biomechanical abnormalities that are found in the knees, ankles, and back begin in the feet. The feet are the postural foundation of the body and need a device to absorb shock during ambulation. Having the proper support and function in the foot can solve back pain and symptoms such as radiculopathy.

How does an orthotic work?
Orthotics are devices, which are manufactured out of a variety of different material and function biomechanically with a person’s foot. While everyone’s foot is different, it is best to seek the advice and expertise of a podiatrist to determine whether or not an orthotic would be best to reduce lower back pain by absorbing shock.

Something so simple can solve back pain. For more information on orthotics and other foot related issues, please refer to out website.   

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