Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Battle Bad Foot Odor

Bad foot odor can be embarrassing and are often caused by a combination of sweat or moisture and normal bacteria found on feet. A little effort and minor lifestyle changes can solve foot odors issues easily.

Our feet are one of the sweatiest parts of our body. In fact, our feet can sweat up to a pint a day. When sweat and bacteria on our feet mix they produce isovaleric acid, which can cause unwanted foot odors. The medical term for smelly feet is bromhidrosis. The number one remedy and most effective cure for foot odor is simple. Keeping your feet dry and cleaning your feet daily is the most effective way to cure and prevent foot odors.

Ways to Keep feet dry:

  • Wear socks that have proper ventilation
  • Shoes that allow your feet to breath
  • Deodorizing foot powder
  • Ensuring feet are dry before putting on soaks and shoes
  • Changing socks daily
  • In addition, some people have smelly feet due to excessive sweating and unable to keep their feet dry. A small percent of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis, which can cause a person to sweat beyond their physical needs. Those individuals may have foot odors because they are unable to keep their feet dry.
Tips for battling excessively sweaty feet:
  • Using antiperspirant deodorant spray
  • Soak feet in salt solution. Mix a half a cup of kosher salt in a moderate filled basin of water. Soak feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Then do not rinse the salt off of your feet, but just pat them dry with a towel. The salt will soak up excess sweat.
  • Reduce stress. Excessive stress can lead to excessive sweating.
  • Changing socks more than once a day.
Additional tips to prevent bad foot odors:
Allowing shoe gear to adequately dry after every use
Spray shoe gear with Lysol or other antibacterial solutions
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