Friday, May 7, 2010

Knowing your foot type will help finding shoes

Buying new shoes can be a stressful process for many people especially with the millions of brands and styles. Knowing your arch type will help determine what kinds of shoes will best suit your feet.

Here is a simple process to determine your arch type:
  1. Fill a shallow basin with water.
  2. Step in the basin and then immediately transfer your foot to a paper grocery bag or piece of paper.
  3. Next let the grocery bag or paper dry.
  4. After the water has set on the grocery bag compare your foot imprint to the figure below.

O = High arch
1  = High arch
2  = Neutral arch
3  = Flat arch

High, flat, and neutral arches all function differently in which a person walks or is also referred to as gait. So, it is imperative that a person finds a shoe that properly supports their foot. If a person has a high arch, they will need to make sure to purchase a shoe that has more cushioning. People with high arches need more cushioning and less support because their foot under pronates and encounters more stress. A high arch foot is more rigid and rolls outward while running and walking. Because a high arch foot under pronates it leads to great impact on the foot during gait.

People with flat feet or low arches need a shoe that is more supportive. A person with a low arch needs a shoe that is more supportive because they have excess pronation in their gait. Which means when they walk or run they tend to roll their foot inward. This leads to less stability in their foot. So having a more structured or supportive shoe is important.

 A person with a neutral arch just needs a stable shoe. A stable shoe that adequate support and cushion. People with neutral arches have a happy functional medium between high and low foot types. Neutral arches will adequately pronate or roll their foot inward for proper ankle stability and proper shock absorption.

Having the proper amount of pronation in your gait is important, so it is important to find the right shoe that will function with a your foot type and will make finding shoes easier. For more information on shoes and foot types check our website.

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